How to Add Album on Facebook?
Posted by fbtechsupport, 02/09/2017 11:22 am

Facebook is the most popular platform to share images on Facebook. Images can be used for different purposes, like adding a profile picture, add a cover photo, share the image via wall post, or add album. All the pictures that you with upload classified into the folders on its own based on the location where you use such files. These are classified in the folders profile pictures, cover photo, wall uploads, and classifieds. But sometimes you may feel the need to add your own albums to Facebook and then choose the option to add numerous images to the same. These albums can also be shared on walls which can then be used to reach a wide range of people. These then unlike posts can be liked, shared, and commented upon. You can also view these images and also allow which users can view it by setting its privacy parameters.

Steps to add album on Facebook:

There are several ways in which you can choose the option to add an album to Facebook. Whenever you feel the need to do so, you can go through the steps below and add the album on Facebook:

  • Open Facebook website on your browser.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Click on the Photos link available in left pane.
  • In a new window that appears choose the option to Create Album.
  • Browse to the location where the images are located.
  • Select the images that you wish to upload.
  • Specify the name of your album.
  • Select the persons with whom you wish to share the images.
  • Finally click on the button Post Photos to share the images with the persons.
  • Clicking on the Create album button successfully creates the album.
  • Here the details can be entered of the image like description, captions, and tags.
  • You can also add or remove images at a later period of time.
  • If at some point of time you feel the need to delete the Facebook album, it can be done quite easily.

Apart from this, it has a number other useful features are available for the users. In the case of any problems, you can request support from the experts by dialling Facebook Service Number to get the problem fixed by the experts. You are guided over the phone to fix the problem on your own. In extreme cases, the Facebook experts fix the problem themselves. 24*7 support is provided to ensure timely resolution to your problem.



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